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Access Control RFID Tracking Gate Reader
UHF Fixed RFID Reader 4 & 8 Ports
RFID CLOU Handheld (WinCE- Android)
Fixed antenna reader long range up to 15m
RFID Desktop Reader-Writer
KT50 Multi Function PDA

How can my business use RFID?

RFID is a highly versatile technology with an ever-expanding range of applications in your business to assign, identify, track and audit a wide range of assets.

Touch-free RFID tag technology will bring you added speed, accuracy, efficiency, and security to your operations, whether it's people, places, or things. And in addition, mitigate staff safety risks with the use of RFID tags to implement robust contact tracing programmes and ensure adherence to infection control standards.

Applications include food hygiene, security access control, safety registration, asset tracking, time & attendance registration and process control.

Access Control

Convenient touch free technology to easily manage access to your locations.


Reduce risk of cross contamination and improve safety in any hygiene environment


Automatic staff registration for safety roll call or attendance registration through real-time alerts and accurate location information.

Article Tagging

Hands free tagging allowing complete hands-free access control, monitoring the whereabouts of assets.

Car Parking

Create an intelligent parking system where the entry and exit of cars are monitored, with vehicle or driver identification, or both.

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